You Can Catch Cancer … Because It’s Viral Driven

“You Can Catch Cancer” – Many factors contribute to Cancer. But the key cause (the underlying engine is one of many viruses). HCMV, HPV, Epstein Barr, and likely many more then we know beyond this. In resent studies 99% of Medulloblastoma tumors have HCMV in them so do many other imagescancers of the body.  40% of kids catch HCMV, 70-90% of Adults. These viruses spread through bodily fluids including semen, saliva, blood, etc. Kids get it in school or other community situations just like any other virus or cold, infection can have no symptoms, or a head cold with clear drip or be deadly to those already immune system compromised. Certain genetic dispositions, immune compromises ( i.e. vitamin D deficiency, etc), environmental contaminants, diet, etc make some more susceptible than others. I have a hypothesis that when kids teeth are transitioning to adult teeth, kids are more susceptible for the Virus to get through the blood brain barrier.  The Virus that one day could turn into Breast, Prostate, Colon cancer, etc. depending on where the virus ends up, instead may end up in the fast evolving, fast growing brain of our little children and you have Gliomas, Medulloblastoma, or other brain cancers.  These Viruses invade stem cells and then they do what they are good at, creating more cells, in this case, cancer cells, thus tumors. Did you know that cancer tumors excrete a substance that attracts nearby blood vessels into the tumor to feed it? Did you know that the tumor cells once invaded by these viruses change their outside appearance so your immune system can’t recognize them anymore? They now can travel better? That the switches that normally kill cells after so many replications is turned off? That the switch to make them grow faster is turned on? This isn’t random, this is an attack on our bodies by a very well equipped assassin called the Virus. It doesn’t intentionally harm us, it doesn’t have a brain, it just has evolved to survive over time and it’s very patient and good at growing. Do you know when researchers infect healthy cells with HCMV, they immediately take on the exact traits I just described? Cancers traits! Immediately no longer die, immediately start changing their shape as Medulloblastoma and other cancers look like so our T & B cells no longer recognize them as a threat, etc. I’m still waiting for anyone to have a more plausible fact based explanation or even similar cause/effect and it doesn’t matter who I ask, no one can show a direct path of cancer than when tracing the life of one of these viruses in our cells. I haven’t researched Fungus at this level, certainly it’s possible for it to have similar defense mechanisms, thus similar cascade effect, but from what I have read, perhaps it just contributes to reducing our defenses, so it harms us just like other contributing factors, but doesn’t appear to be the core engine behind cancer.  When a virus invades a cell it causes it to get irritated. We call that “inflammation”. This could turn into rheumatoid arthritis, stroke, cancer, or a number of other issues we take aspirin or other anti-inflamitories for. Chronic Inflammation is a key sign/contributor to cancer and other ailments. These viruses cause over expression or underexpression of enzymes or chromosome / gene flips. Specifically this includes over expression of an enzyme called Cox 2 that causes inflammation. This is one of the signs of Medulloblastoma with it’s over expression of the Cox 2 enzyme. It just so happens that certain things (i.e. in foods, certain drugs, etc) can reduce inflammation. How do they do this? The Inflammation fairy? No. They control/reduce these over expressions of things like Cox2 in Medulloblastoma and many other cancers & average ailments. Eating too much meat, not enough plants (acidic PH), eating too much sugar (feeding cancer), smoking, radiation, over weight (damaging your immune system, low vitamin D (retarding  your immune system), etc all hurt your bodies defenses and/or helps the virus/cancer go active and thus leaves the window open for the virus to cause a chain reaction of cancer by going active in our stem cells (this could be immediately after getting the virus or could be 20-40 years in the future. Again, the virus is patient in a way, time doesn’t matter, just the right micro-environment to wake up and flourish matters to it. Chronic “ongoing” inflammation from the virus in your body builds along with other key changes the virus does to your affected cells. Chemo and Radiation is just poison tailored to kill everything that grows fast basically, it’s only tailoring is choosing what fast general poison seems to do a better job of killing the specific cancer version then killing the rest of our bodies. Doctors are not going after the root cause of cancer yet (and it’s a tragedy). So chemo is the kill everything plan, some solutions are “change the oil methods” like stem cell therapy, bone marrow transplants, etc and hope we get all of it, some are try to “Close it’s Highway” by blocking a specific way it replicates / block it’s genetic key triggers (getting better), but still cancer researchers aren’t killing the cancer stem cells, thus not killing the virus first, or at least beating it into latency, then burn the fields hoping to kill the cells it invaded so it doesn’t go active again.  Ginger contains very potent anti-inflammatory compounds called gingerols. Tumeric’s active ingredient Curcumin also contains potent anti-inflammatory compounds. So does ordinary Aspirin (ASA). Chokeberry/Aronia Berry also down-regulates Cox 2 and helps change the micro-environment for the virus, thus tumor and it shrinks. Saying they are anti-inflammitories is true, but doesn’t say what they are really doing. What they are really doing is reducing Cox 2 a key enzyme required by specific cancers to flourish, you make it much harder for cancer to replicate and it shrinks, dies or at least goes latent (asleep) if you can down regulate it. This is so important! Unfortunately, doctors mainly do what they are told by medical boards influenced by drug companies contributions. Despite tons of evidence that Viruses are the true key contributor to most if not all cancers, they aren’t certain and thus they aren’t treating this way. So these Virus reprogrammed stem cells, can go latent after the burn down the house treatments with chemo and radiation. When this happens, just one cancer laden stem cell may float away, they are protected from radiation and chemo or at least are much more resilient. Once the treatment ends, these cancer stem cells being run by Virus rna may pop back up and you have metastasis or a reoccurrence. Rinse repeat until the  person can’t take it anymore!  So Ginger, Tumeric, Aspirin (if you have high enough platelet counts), etc are very important to introduce to cancer patients, particularly Medulloblastoma patients. Cut off as much sugar as you can, cancer uses sugar 20x more efficiently than our normal cells.


It’s hard reading, but if you want to read more research on these topics, check out my research: dropbox.

In the future, I hope that the medical community learns to kill the virus first, just like we are working towards killing Aids. Unfortunately many cells remain and are still programmed from the virus. We then need to put in anti- inflammitories, reduce sugar, etc to create a hostile environment for cancer, then until we create better medicines/procedures that directly identify cancer cells and kill them (like immunotherapy may be able to do), we need to keep with proper diets, (alkaline PH, reduce sugar, take anti-inflammatories for life, etc.) to create a unhealthy environment for the virus and keep it latent so it won’t wake back up.



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