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Viral Cancer I’ve written often about the fact that 99% of Glioblastoma and 92% of Medulloblastoma show active CMV infections  and show signs that CMV has hit and run certain tumor cells making genetic and epigenetic changes.  

Now researchers are testing Neuroblastoma for CMV and the latest research shows 100% of the tumors showed signs of CMV or cyclomegalovirus.  This continues to reinforce that brain cancers key consistent factor is the triggering of oncogenisis  is by a viral infection that over expresses oncogenes and disables key anti-oncogenes thus driving these devastating cancers and leads towards potential opportunities for new and less devastating treatment options including using anti-virals like Valcyte.


Cancer CellHit & Run – An active viral infection, rewrites Stem, Progenitor Cells, etc, with Cancer programming then disappears. Eventually the right micro-environment happens and the infected repgrogrammed cells  wake up and begin tumors.  So often researchers look for viral traces, do not find them, then discard the consideration of viruses causing cancer.  This single flawed research conclusion misdirects science off target.  Once we understand and accept that this Hit, Reprogram & Run ability of the Virus to cause cancer, then it disappears with little or no trace, then this leads us to focus more on Anti-viral therapeutic treatments and especially anti-viral vaccinations to stop cancer at it’s root cause.  It’s an very important point that focus on eliminating active cancer tumors is treating the symptom, not the cause.  Until we focus on the cause, we are destined to repeat failure and be surprised by that fact.