A Father On A Mission

I’m Gary Elsasser and my 9 year old son Ayden has had Group C, Malignant Medulloblastoma Brain Cancer as well as Posterior Fossa Syndrome.  We are now 2 and a half years out of diagnostics and still NED.  Key issues we have had to deal with include double vision, 4th, 6th and 7th nerve palsies, left arm weakness, gait issues, ataxia and was in a wheel chair then walker for the first 6 months. He’s now out of active treatment and we are trying to recover as much of our lives as possible.  I”m using a number of supplements understanding the viral link to cancer and attempting to mitigate oncogene and enhance anti-oncogene epigenetic responses.

Upon seeing the generic decisions that were being made in treatment of my son with decade plus old procedures, understanding and seeing the devastating damage the treatments cause, understanding the poor prognosis of the cancer and devastating secondary effects even with successful treatment, has driven me to research for better answers. My research has led me to a compelling understanding that key Viruses in our body are the key catalysts and possibly engines
behind most, if not all cancers, as well as many other human diseases and many of the secondary effects of cancer treatment.

While there are many contributing factors that allow cancer to emerge, the Virus is the single explanation that can clearly and clinically be proven to cause all of the key hallmarks that define cancer both genetically and epigenetically. While this research was primarily focused on Medulloblastoma and to a slight lower amount to Glioblastoma, my research has consistently pointed to a handful of Viruses, as the underly cause and catalyst behind all major cancers.

Thanks for your time and consideration,

Gary Elsasser “Aydens Dad”


4 responses to A Father On A Mission


    I know Bella has Pineoblastoma but she was treated for Medullablastoma since there is no treatment for Pineoblastoma. We are so thankful for your time, research, wealth of knowledge, and your kindness to share all the above with us! Thank you! The Nordrums!


    I’m so proud of you for all the time you spend trying to help your Ayden. I’m proud of all of you for the way you have head-on met this ugly disease. My love to you son along with all my prayers


    Gary. My 18 yr old son has GBM and I also have been disappointed in the large institutions approach to this disease. I am a physician and like yourself have researched GBM extensively. Email me if you would like to share ideas.

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