Brain Cancer Destroyed as Collateral Damage from Immune Response to CMV

October 25, 2014 — 7 Comments

Immunotherapy has been having some very hopeful trials by teaching our immune system to attack cancer.2014.05.29-Brain-Cancer-Destroyed-as-Collateral-Damage-From-Immune-Response-to-CMV-01-e1401426013212

There are now several trials where they are teaching the immune system to attack the CMV virus and thus leads the immune system to the cancer. This one is for Glioblastoma Brain Cancer.  This shows once again the correlations of cancer and viruses.

This is exciting research as it adds additional hope to fight cancer without today’s toxic, poor outcomes and long term damaging standard protocols.


7 responses to Brain Cancer Destroyed as Collateral Damage from Immune Response to CMV


    Hi Gary
    It would be interesting to see if you have noticed improvements from specific supplements after I presume a couple of years of taking them?
    For example has the Melatonin/any others affected the various white cells?
    Did you see an increase in Lymphocytes once treatment had finished.
    Have you looked into Curcumin? Especially its ability to cross the bb once combined with Piperine or if it is reduced in size like Bioceuticals Thericumin.
    There are numerous studies after a quick google seach which details its apotosis and tumour suppressant effect.
    Best wishes best to yourself and Ayden.


      I have not been watching Ayden’s blood levels this closely. As our Oncologists still hold to 0 supplements, they give little support on what I am doing. But I know that my son had a statistical 5 year life span of 15% and we are now arriving at 3 years NED and he is prospering. I consider this a strong success vector, but only time will tell if it lasts. I have looked much into Curcumin. I use Longvida version of Curcumin. I had some concerns over the use of Piperine since Piperine can cause not only Curcumin but other drugs to be more bioavailable and thus last longer than expected. I do fully believe in Curcumins abilities for many reasons. You can see a list of anti-cancer triggers of Curcumin and other natural cancer fighters in a link on my blog here:

      Thanks for your note and sorry for the delay in responding!

      Gary “Ayden’s Dad”


    Thanks for the response Gary. Sorry about my delay, I returned from my Christmas holiday to discover a port fault in my internet line need repair.
    I realise I should have given you context to my Question.
    I myself was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma July 2014, but I am a little different to Ayden. Im a 27 year old male. I have now finished radiation and Chemotherapy and am looking at what to do to help myself repair and maintain a healthy, clean and hopefully long/prosperous life. My Oncologist don’t put much faith in any alternative sources of nutrients either but they are more encouraging now it wont interfere with treatment.
    I am doing scans every 3 months and my blood counts the day before to test amongst other things thyroid, white and red blood cell counts. Just had my first clean scan last week.
    My lymphocytes became almost non-existent during treatment and I am looking at ways to improve hence my question if Ayden’s had increased.
    Garlic, Milk Thistle, Vitamin D, Curcumin are off the top of my head the main 4 I am looking, further research to do on Melatonin and Egcg from Green tea.

    That is fantastic for your family regarding Ayden’s approach of the 3 year mark. I personally know how hard a journey it is and its great to see you getting results, good luck for the future.


    Yes, that context makes all the difference in the world and certainly helps me focus my response to you. Sorry to hear you are going thru thru this, tough for a kid, worse for an adult. My own personal opinion is Valcyte would help as an antiviral, but so far only being done on Glioblastoma patients. With that said, Longivida Curcumin can be taken twice a day to keep therapeutic levels in the brain. Yes it will cross the BBB.

    Melatonin is a very important one for so many reasons. One, it turns up TP53 gene the guardian of the genome. Helps fight both viruses and cancer. Second, it turns down Cox-2 – Chronic Inflammation that causes tissue damage and thus makes the tissue easier to be attacked and work inefficiently. 3- It keeps the brain in a repair / trash collecting mode longer. Take it at night. My son has been on 5mg nightly for 2.5 years.

    Besides Valcyte – Other things I have explored that are antivirals include L-Lysine, Coconut Oil, AHCC & Monolaurin. All of these have anti-viral properties. Monolaurin is the active ingredient in Coconut Oil that is an antiviral. AHCC is a blend of medicinal mushrooms.

    All of Ayden’s blood levels are in the normal range and have been since exiting treatment. I went on a business trip and my wife neglected to give Ayden his supplements for a week. He is now having his first cold in 3 years. Lesson learned!

    I haven’t written much on my blog about this, but I not only believe either one or multiple viruses drive Medulloblastoma. Primarily CMV and JC Virus, but also BK and SV40. But also, other very common viruses contribute to a damaged immune system/response like EBV, HPV, Adenovirus and Hepatitis. With a compromised immune system, even further compromised after treatment, I can track down most late term effects usually blamed on chemo and radiation to these opportunistic viruses damaging the weakened body. So, the radiation and chemo further damage the body so it can no longer respond. Then these viruses drive further destruction. So, focusing on a strong immune system and anti-viral medicines I believe is very important.

    I also give Ayden Garlic and Milk Thistle.

    Let me know how else I can help.

    Take care,



      Hi Gary

      Thanks for your information. That’s ironic, I had opposite thoughts and during my radiation which I found pretty tough I use to think how hard it was as an adult. Imagine if I had to go through this as a child. It was be twice as difficult on their fragile bodies, physically speaking.

      To give you some information regarding the theories on this blog, I have some form of the virus. I have not been tested but have had oral cold sores roughly twice a year since childhood. Quite often in times of stress (i.e. the most inconvenient times) such as first day of school etc.. Contracted from my father when I was a baby we think.
      I found Lysine cut the cold sore outbreaks to once a year and cut the healing time to about a week. I have taken Lysine 1000mg daily for approx. 2 years. Topically Tea Tree oil works very well. I had no signs of cold sores until just after my treatment and got one.

      The Melatonin looks like it has exciting properties after researching it, I have gone for the AHCC as well to try a different anti-viral to Lysine.

      Thanks for your information, research and blog.
      Good luck to yourself and Ayden.


        Sounds like Herpes Simplex 1 you have. One of the same family of viruses i’m talking about for most brain tumors. I haven’t found directly correlation of Herpes Simplex one and Brain Cancers, but both CMV and HS1 are very common, so not surprising at all to have both. Yes, Melatonin is quite an amazing product for those suffering from cancer and even more so for brain cancer since it crosses the blood brain barrier well. I have given Ayden L-Lysine as well for it’s anti-viral properties. Your very welcome and I wish you well!


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