Cancer Is Caused By Viruses Hypothesis

October 22, 2014 — 21 Comments

iStock_000006391407XSmallMany factors contribute to Cancer, but the key catalyst (even the underlying engine) is one of many Viruses, particularly CMV, but also VZV, Epstein Barr as well as other Viruses SV-40, BK, JCV and HPV. Each cancer in our body has one to many viruses associated with it. Some key ones are HPV – Human Papilloma Virus causes Cervical, Anal, Mouth, Throat, Lung, Vaginal and Penile Cancers. Epstein Barr causes Lymphoma, JC Polyoma Virus causes Colon Cancer. Epstein Barr, HPV & CMV have all been associated with Breast Cancer, thus one reason for it’s prevalence. Now down to kids Cancer, Medulloblastoma Neuroblastoma and it’s 99% terminal twin cancer Glioblastoma. For these cancers its mainly CMV (Human Cytomegalovirus), though other viruses like SV-40, JC and BK are also capable and have been found in these tumors.

In resent studies 92% of Medulloblastoma, 99% of Glioblastoma, 100% of Neuroblastoma have CMV in them, as do a high prevalence in Breast, Colon and other cancers of the body. It is only very recently that we have had testing effective enough to identify these viruses in tumors as they have been found to reside at times only in stem or progenitor cells. 40% of kids catch CMV, 70-90% of Adults. JC, BK, HPV, VZV & Epstein Barr are also found in tumors of the Brain and rest of body. These viruses spread through bodily fluids including semen, saliva, blood, or even in the womb. CMV is the  leading cause of congenital birth defects. Kids get CMV and others in the Herpes group as well as other viruses listed here in school or other community situations just like any other virus or cold. Infection can have no symptoms, a head cold with clear drip, traditional cold or flu symptoms or be deadly to those that already have a compromised immune system like a ticking time bomb. Unlike a “common cold”, these viruses once caught set up a life long infection in the human body. Even though the initial infectious symptoms pass, the virus remains in the body and many human ailments are now caused by their latent and reactivating lifelong presence.

Certain genetic dispositions or defects, immune system compromises (like vitamin D deficiency), environmental contaminants/carcinogens, etc. create micro-environments in the body through chronic inflammation and then Oncogenes are over expressed, anti-oncogenes are genetically damaged or epigenetically reprogrammed creating the opportunities for cancers to grow.

Research has found that these viruses enter the body through bodily fluids and depending on susceptibility of the targeted areas, the particular virus ends up in different part of the body attacking a specific type of cell like Stem Cells, Glio Cells, Progenitor Cells, White Blood Cells, etc or others causing unique ailments per location it resides. This could be through the sinuses, in the mouth, cuts, needles (even from a vaccine) or sexual intercourse. The skin is an amazing barrier against all kinds of germs, but occasionally this barrier is compromised an infection happens.

Another hypothesis of mine is that when kids teeth are transitioning to adult teeth (falling out), kids are more susceptible for the virus to get exposed to the blood supply and nerves, thus have an additional entrance across the blood brain barrier. Or as an older adult, a broken tooth, root canal, horrible tooth ache that is a virus attacking the nerve and thus entering the body in a dangerous vulnerability. The virus that one day could turn into Breast, Cervix, Lymphoma, Prostate, Colon cancer, etc. depending on where the virus ends up, instead may end up in traveling along a nerves and thus into the fast evolving, fast growing brain and you have Gliomas, Medulloblastoma, or other brain cancers.

These viruses invade Stem cells, Glio, Astrocytes and/or Progenitor cells and then they do what they have evolved to do, creating more cells, in this case their focus on viral proliferation sometimes enabled cancer to grow as well.

Did you know that cancer tumors excrete a substance that attracts nearby blood vessels into the tumor to feed it (called angiogenesis) ?

Did you know that the tumor cells once invaded by these viruses change their outside appearance so your immune system can’t recognize them anymore?

They now have been programmed to migrate more aggressively?

That the switches that normally kill cells after so many replications is turned off (Apoptosis)?

That the switch to make them grow faster is turned on?

This isn’t random, this is an attack on our bodies by a very well equipped assassin called the Virus. It does not intentionally harm us, it does not have a brain, it just has evolved to survive and proliferate over time, and it’s very patient in a way and exceptional at growing.  Viruses understand our cells better than we do. It embeddes itself somewhere in the human body asleep (latent) and awaits certain micro-environment changes that will be favorable to it growing. When enough of those factors are met, it awakens. Maintaining that micro-environment in our bodies allows it to flourish.

Do you know when researchers infect healthy cells with CMV, they immediately take on the exact traits I just described? Cancers traits! All of the “Hallmarks of Cancer”. Immediately no longer die, immediately start changing their shape as Medulloblastoma and other cancers look like so our T & B immunity cells no longer recognize them or attack them as a threat.

I’m still waiting for anyone to have a more plausible fact based explanation or even similar cause/effect and it doesn’t matter who I ask, no one can show a direct path of cancer than when tracing the life of one of these viruses in our body.

When a virus invades a cell it causes it to get irritated. We call that “inflammation”. This chronic inflammation could turn into autoimmune issues like rheumatoid arthritis (since our immune system can’t find the real enemy – Virues, it instead attacks our healthy body leading to these autoimmune diseases), or long term damage issues contributing to stroke, or the right micro-environment and overexpression of oncogenes and under-expression of anti-oncogenes and a cancer tumor grows.  Chronic Inflammation is a key sign/contributor to these issues I just mentioned and many other minor and major ailments. These viruses like cancer cause over expression or under expression of enzymes or chromosome/gene flips and this includes creating chronic inflammation (usually by generating the enzyme Cox-2) as a result of the virus presence in the body and a way to weaken the bodies micro-environment and defenses to give the virus a better chance with it’s growth. In a way, chronic inflammation damages tissue. Damaged tissue goes acidic due to the damage and lack of oxygen. Thus you can think that both these viruses and cancer are fertilizing the local soil (tissue) around them so they can grow stronger and spread. Cancer causes the micro-environment to change, lower oxygen, increase glucose and it grows into this tissue.

Again, the virus is patient in a way, time doesn’t matter, just the right micro-environment to wake up and flourish matters to it. Chronic “ongoing” inflammation from the virus in your body builds along with other key reprogramming the virus does to your affected cells or we inflict by ourselves through diet, environment, genetic disposition, etc.

Chemo and Radiation is just poison tailored to kill everything that grows fast, it’s only tailoring is choosing what fast general poison seems to do a better job of killing the specific cancer version then killing the rest of our bodies.

Doctors are not going after the root cause of cancer yet (and it’s a tragedy). Chemotherapy is the “Burn the fields down” solution, others are “change the oil methods” like stem cell therapy others are try to “Close it’s Highway” blocking a specific pathway it uses to replicates or block it’s genetic key triggers (getting better). Unfortunately cancer researchers aren’t killing the cancer stem cells or reprogramming the affected general cancer cells, nor going after the root cause virus first, or at least beating it into latency, then burn the fields hoping to kill the cells it invaded/programmed so it doesn’t go active again.

These virus reprogrammed stem cells, can go latent during the burn down the fields treatments with chemo and radiation. When this happens, just one cancer programmed stem cell or progenitor cell may float away, they are often quite resilient to traditional chemo and radiation. Once the treatment ends, these cancer stem cells find the original micro-environment or another one where they can successfully flourish and you have metastasis or a reoccurrence. Rinse, and repeat until the person can’t take it anymore!

Despite tons of evidence that Viruses are the true key contributor to most if not all cancers, doctors / researchers aren’t certain and thus they are not treating the source, holding to current protocols, causing considerable secondary lifetime damage that greatly affects the patients life and contributes highly as additional contributors to an early death.

I am now beginning to research and further discover that the treatment itself for cancer is contributing to the accelerated demise of the patient.  Chemo and Radiation causing long term cellular damage and depressed immune system.  Years of chronic antibiotic prescriptions to protect from bacterial infections do nothing for viruses.  The cellular damage, lack of immune system, lack of bacterial presence weakening the immune system, contributing to malnutrition all give openings for the viruses to spread further in the body contributing if not primarily causing many of the secondary effects of cancer patients after treatment including stroke, heart attacks, liver and other GI organ failures, hearing loss, etc.

In the future, I hope that the medical community learns to kill the virus first at diagnosis or prior via vaccines and with Anti-virals or at minimum, put it into a latent non-spreading/programming weakened state. We then need to put in anti-inflammitories (ASA, Curcumin, Cannabinoids), reduce sugar, etc to reestablish a healthy body / hostile environment for cancer health, then until we create better medicines/procedures that directly identify cancer cells and kill them like immunotherapy, then we must rely on today’s methods with surgery, chemo and radiation. Then we need to be educated to keep with proper diets, (reduce sugar, take anti-inflammatories for life, not just during active treatment) and maintain an unhealthy environment for the virus to keep it latent, so it won’t wake back up again and renew the cycle.

I appreciate your time and consideration to read this research. I would value any additional insight into these findings and also welcome fact based alternative or additional ideas.

Thank,Gary Elsasser

Ayden’s Dad


21 responses to Cancer Is Caused By Viruses Hypothesis

    Karen Fiala N.D. January 10, 2013 at 4:58 am

    I’m very fascinated by your research. I think in the future, when medicine isn’t dominated by big pharma and the AMA the truth about health and well-being will come out and more people will be able to control their bodies and cure their illnesses by non toxic, holistic means.


    You have a very informative and interesting blog! I look forward to future posts and with your permission will share links to your posts on my Twitter and Facebook profiles. Thanks for your great work!


    Is the sugar that should be cut out of our diet only artificial sugar or does it include foods with naturally occuring sugar, like some fruits? Thank you for sharing all of our research i find it very interesting and helpful. I always wondered where Cancer starts. Praying for your family and for more research and funding for all.


      What an important and hard question. Alright, let me see what I can do here. First, cancer feeds off all sugars, though some feed cancer faster. Cancer cells derive most of their energy from anaerobic glycolysis (or creating energy from Glucose in a low oxygen environment). Sugar is a generic word for a class of simple and complex carbohydrates. Glucose is a simple carbohydrate that all cells in the body can use for energy production, but can live primarily off of oxygen for energy production. Unfortunately while our cells usually use oxygen for energy and can use glucose, cancer cells can also use oxygen, but favor glucose and use it 4-20x more efficiently to grow. Glucose deprivation actually starves and kills cancer cells btw.

      Glucose, the most common form of carbohydrate is derived from starches. When you eat starches, your body (even in your mouth) immediately converts them to Glucose. Another problem with cancer cells using Glucose is that the bi-product of cancer cells using glucose for energy is lactic acid. Lactic acid in the surrounding tissues causes the PH of the tissue to go acidic and tumor growth follows the acidic tissue. Eventually the lactic acid is broken down in the liver and the waste product of that process in the liver is more Glucose!

      Another factor with sugar is that it’s presence in the body triggers a protein called Beta-catenin. Beta-catenin is known to be a major factor in the development of many cancers by turning off cell death, thus helping cancer proliferate. So all sugars feed cancer and cause cancer to spread, some are known to be worse than others when it comes to cancer.

      While I haven’t found very useful statistical breakdown of what sugars feed cancer better, fructose is known to cause increased cancer proliferation over cancer. While fruit includes fructose, the quantities of fiber in fruit reduce it’s absorption into the body and it has relative low amounts. High fructose corn syrup, agave(97% fructose) and crystalized fructose used in products like soft drinks and bread immediately are absorbed and thus are much more dangerous and should be avoided. Fructose, unlike glucose is not used normally in the body other than by your liver. Excess fructose then turns to fat and damages the liver besides feeding cancer cells. Other than seasonal fruit, in the past, fructose was not present in our diets.

      Artificial sweeteners including aspartame and sucralose have issues as well. Many of these artificial sweeteners are artificial chemicals and are considered neurotoxic and carcinogenic. Aspartame particularly has been linked with brain cancer. Stevia (sweet herb) or xylitol (sugar alcohol) as well as raw cocunut nectar (only 10% fructose) seem the current consensus for healthiest sweeteners.


    This is completely wrong. Yes, a handful of cancers are indeed caused by viruses, but to make the assumption that EVERY case of cancer is caused by a virus is simply ignorant and misinformed. The base of all cancers goes back to genetic. Certain viruses have a propensity to cause certain cancers because they activate or deactivate certain oncogenes or proto-oncogenes that then lead to abnormal cell function and cancer. Many cancers, however, do not have anything to do with a virus, but are caused by a genetic mutation in a cell that is a chance happening and a part of normal cell replication. Think about how many cells are multiplying in your body, continuously copying down your genetic code over and over again. There will inevitably be mistakes. These mistakes also have the propensity to cause cancers, dependent on which genes the mutations occur at. While you are correct in that SOME cancers are caused by viruses, the vast majority are not. If it were attributed to virsues alone, then cancers like Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia would not be and could not be treated by chemotherapy, radiation, and bone marrow transplantation because not all traces of a virus would be destroyed by these means. This is just one example in many. Please do more research before you make such broad and sweeping assumptions, and then post those assumptions on the internet for all to see and read as fact. Some people actually DO think anything they read on the internet with a citation is true.


      Clearly it’s a complicated topic and certainly I have much more to learn. Before dismissing the thoughts as absolutely wrong, perhaps you can stick with the thought a bit longer. Look at the PPT attached in this link. The fact that 100,000 entries and thus 8% of the human genome appear as retro viral, that Oncogenes including MYC are found in viruses including tuned substantial more aggressive forms of these Oncogenes. That MYC in Avian Virus streams based on their DNA signatures, may just predate the human versions of Oncogenes. That viruses deliver Oncogenes with their viral packages into our DNA or place themselves near Oncogenes where they can Overexpress Oncogenes that are already present. That when cell division happens, during that golden moment where genes are unlocked that contribute to the cells division have signitures of viral origin. Perhaps now there are too many Oncogenes and ways in our bodies to trip this Oncogene series and create cancers. As with all things, it’s complicated. Look a bit further and then tell me if you feel exactly the same way.


      “Two models have been proposed to explain how infectious agents could play a role in the development of childhood leukemia. The first model relies on the direct transforming ability of transforming viruses. Secondly, the effect might be due to the problems caused by abnormal immunological responses to congenital, neonatal, or post-neonatal infections, which in turn promote secondary genetic or immunological alterations. In this case, the action of microorganisms may be indirect and non-transforming (reviewed in [11]). One of the main agents in the proposed infectious association with childhood leukemia is a group of human herpesviruses, especially Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) and human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6).” seems we all have a lot to learn…


      “Two models have been proposed to explain how infectious agents could play a role in the development of childhood leukemia. The first model relies on the direct transforming ability of transforming viruses. Secondly, the effect might be due to the problems caused by abnormal immunological responses to congenital, neonatal, or post-neonatal infections, which in turn promote secondary genetic or immunological alterations. In this case, the action of microorganisms may be indirect and non-transforming (reviewed in [11]). One of the main agents in the proposed infectious association with childhood leukemia is a group of human herpesviruses, especially Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) and human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6).”


        Thanks for your response. I agree we know so little it’s hard to tell if the chicken or egg came first. But with HPV, now EBV and recently CMV, evidence is mounting that at minimum these viruses drive more aggressive cancers and thus should be diagnostic and treatment targets. Once we agree they at minimum contribute to cancer, we can begin focusing harder on vaccines, immunotherapy, anti-virals, ways to wake up the reserve pool of latent viruses as well as the consideration of these opportunistic viruses should also be a solid target as causes of late term effects in cancer patients similar to HIV and organ transplant patience that have a prolonged or chronic immune system deficiency. Thanks for your comment!


    Gary, don’t 90% of people carry many viruses (like EBV, HPV, etc.)? What does that mean for the population? Does that just mean some people’s bodies fight it off and some don’t which is why some people get sick and some don’t? Have you found theories on how to prevent disease if one carries these viruses or is it just a matter a chance? Thanks!


      Your absolutely right. It is a matter of chance if we stay ignorant to the key causes. I believe in time many of our chronic illnesses can be stopped once we understand true root cause and begin stopping / mitigating those root cause drivers.

      The average 200lbs adult has approx. 10 trillion human cells, 100 trillion bacteria and 4 trillion viruses. So in the average body, it’s 104 Trillion Pathogen to 10 Trillion Human Cells. We are outnumbered and outgunned. Clearly we have a symbiotic, if not positive relationship with bacteria and viruses most of the time. There is clear evidence that humans would likely not exist if it wasn’t for viruses. So, when does this symbiotic relationship go astray? This has certainly been one of my main questions, so I can help rectify that change and get balance restored:

      1) Carb Filled Diet – Humans have been human like for about 4 Million years (from school, Neanderthal, Homo Erectus, etc, yet we can trace viruses back 3.5 Billion years btw), but just in the last hundreds of years have we begun dramatically changing our way of life and our bodies have not adapted to these changes as well as they need to. Diet being one of them with carbs every day driving many of us to change the way our bodies produce and utilize our diet to power our bodies. The power plant of our cells located in the Mitochondria begins to work inefficiently, we produce too much glucose from consumption of sugars. Drives a lack of oxygen in our cells and the cells ferment. Called the Warburg Effect. This is a central catalyst of many chronic illnesses particularly cancer. This is also why a Ketogenic Diet that puts the body into “Ketosis” a state where it begins producing Ketones at a high rate (an alternative fuel source to our cells) that is not created well when we our bodies have access to large quantities of carbs. Our Bodies can prosper with 0 carbs, will create enough glucose to support bodily functions that require glucuose and create Ketones to power the rest of the body. Cancer is driven by a high glucose environment, but finds a Ketone powered body a hostile environment and starves.

      2) Genetic vs. Epigenetics – Genetics being the actual biological programming in our genes, Epigenetics being the ability to schedule when and why our genes are being ran. Recent evidence shows that genetic defects can contribute to cancer, but are more often side effects to underlying problems that then contribute to the damage and aggressiveness, but are rarely or not only the cause. I have seen that 10% of cancers are driven by genetic damage. The other 90% of cancers are driven by Epigenetic means. Many things can drive the expression or scheduling of our genes and they include viruses and diet. This is a proven fact. As background, researchers in Europe have access of birth, death, cause of death and family records to analyze. A key finding of this analysis was that cancer followed families that were together. Thus cancer would primarily follow an adopted family, not the biological family members. So it wasn’t passing on of genes that drove the majority of cancers, but the environment the person was exposed to that drove particular cancers.

      3) Temporary Viruses vs. Permanent Viruses – Some viruses we are infected by prosper in our bodies for a short period of time and then are defeated by our immune systems. We then build up immunities that will help with our next encounter, but these viruses also evolve. Some viruses once caught thrive and become permanent infections in the human body. They may go latent (asleep as an active infection), but they invade our cells and do some level of reprogramming of our epigenetic’s and may change or add some genes, so our cells now begin having a second set of capabilities are are now contributing to the viruses survival and propagation. Often at the detriment to poorer cell performance for it’s human needed job. Some of these viruses include the Herpes family of viruses like EBV, CMV, Varciella Zoster (chickenpox / shingles) or HPV, Hepatitis, etc. When we catch these viruses, how many of these viruses we have and what part of the body they settle in and how their cumulative reprogram/infection changes our bodies natural programming has a profound and complex effect our our health. This I believe is part of the chaos theory that makes this field so hard to nail down. You can’t just look at one thing with cancer. You can’t just look at one virus. But when you look at several viruses in the body, it becomes clearer the damage combined they cause. Human’s are amazingly ignorant to the world of Viruses, Bacteria, Fungus, etc that make up clearly more organisms in the human body, than human cells. We catch so many viruses and bacteria that we largely become ambivalent to them. The fact that some are necessary, good, neutral, aggressive or hostile is not often contemplated. We largely think of them as annoyances and only fear the few like HIV, Ebola, Bird Flu, etc, while unfortunately there are many more that are more prevalent, yet can cause untold damage we are just beginning to understand. In reality, every cell in our bodies already includes virus material. In fact science is proving, we wouldn’t be humans without them. There are two kinds of viruses we know of (DNA & RNA types). RNA types are simpler and have certain genes (programs) in common. We can use these common genes unique footprint of RNA viruses to track if we have virus code inside our genes. Since recently scientists have decoded the human genome (recorded our biological programming code), we can search this code for viruses. Remarkably this search showed that there are over 100,000 pieces of RNA virus code in every single human cell in every human on the planet. That is 8% of the human genome is RNA Virus code. That doesn’t cover DNA viruses that are likely much higher percentage than RNA Viruses. Some of this code is Oncogenes – The actual genes that create the key criteria for cancer. Oncogenes like MYC drive what is called the hallmarks of cancer like making cancer cells immortal, creating enzymes to drive blood vessels to the cells to power big tumors, causing the cells to replicate faster. These same Oncogenes that drive cancer were brought to humans and other life to drive the viruses proliferation. Our bodies have adapted policing genes called Anti-Oncogenes or Tumor Suppressor genes like P54 and PTEN among dozens of others. These genes watch out for viruses and signs of cancer and try to slow them down or stop them. Unfortunately certain viruses and cancers have adapted the abilities to not only turn on and turn up the Oncogenes, but to also drive the ability genetically and epigenetically to damage these cellular police. When both Oncogenes are turned up and anti-oncogenes are disabled both viral replication and cancer are accelerated.

      Which Oncogenes are turned up and what anti-oncogenes are disabled and where in the body this is happening is a key determiner to what cancer will emerge.

      So as we catch certain viruses they permanently reprogram cells of the human body to begin performing tasks that benefit the virus. These cells no longer are solely helping they human body. As we accumulate more viruses in our bodies over time. More mutations happen. More of our cells and the same cells begin having many tasks they are now performing that were given to them by the viruses. These combinations are complex and drive unique and unfortunately at times dire consequences for the patient.

      4) Immune System – Compromised Immune Systems contribute to how well our bodies can fight off infection and either defeat the infection or for permanent infections, keep viruses and bacteria in a sleeping state so they don’t activate and begin programming additional cells to do their bidding. When our immunity is compromised, latent infections can awaken and begin anew replicating and programming additional cells to do their bidding. A lack of a good diet effects our immune system. Dramatic use of anti-biotics when ever we sneeze damages the good as well as bad bacteria in our bodies possibly helping with one problem and damaging our immune systems in another. Probiotics helps with some of this. Modern living with suntan lotion, UV glass, clothes, homes, change in lifestyle has caused us to become Vitamin D deficient and it is a key contributor to a strong immune system. When we catch one infection and our immune system is distracted and can allow other infections that were being help latent to breakthrough the immune system and reemerge. Thus we get Chicken Pox as children, yet immune compromised people including as you get older and our immune systems become more compromised, people have Shingles breakouts. Same virus, new symptoms. People just think, wow, that was painful for a few weeks, but in reality, the virus just replicated into many more cells and our cells are further compromised with both genetic and epigenetic changes. This mutation of our cells goes on as long as we live driving across the board mutations that likely contribute to many of the eventual diseases that ail us and likely kill us like driving chronic inflammation. One of my theories of secondary / late effect damage to people with chemo and radiation is that what is primarily contributed to late effect damage by these brutal treatment methods while contributing to cellular damage across the body are also damaging the immune system and pathogens like viruses take advantage to spread further across the body, drive chronic inflammation by driving the enzyme Cox-2 and that this lack of control leads to many of these longer term damaging effects and whole body failures. So insuring a sufficient level of Vitamin D, getting tested for particular viruses, considering taking immune boosting supplements like medicinal mushrooms, herpes reduction supplements and cox-2 inhibitors to reduce long term chronic infection should be considered very important.

      So putting this into practical understanding with my Son Ayden:

      a) When we tested him near cancer diagnosis time, Ayden has a Vitamin D3 level of 14 (highly insufficient), so his immune system was severely compromised.

      b) Once we started him on Vitamin D3 and he had a level between 40 and 90 nmol during treatment he did not have one fever, one cold, one flu and zero unscheduled medical visits during all his treatment. His hospital said even though his fighting white blood count (ANC) was zero for months, that fact that he didn’t get sick was unprecedented. So this was one key change we made (too late, but better late than never) to change Ayden’s health in a positive way.

      c) BTW, Ayden has Group C Medulloblastoma – A brain tumor in the 4th ventricle. Upon genetic testing I forced the hospital to do, it was found that the particular Oncogene MYC was being highly over-expressed. I later found a report that Vitamin D3 directly and dramatically drives down MYC regulation. I hope that this will be one of the key things we do to keep Ayden’s cancer from coming back.

      d) Ayden has EBV and CMV. The fact that he caught them a bit earlier than many kids I believe contributed to his cancer. EBV attacks the white blood cells specifically. Thus when you have EBV, your immune system doesn’t function as well. So while EBV is tied to certain cancers like Leukemia and other Lymphoma blood cancers and something we will have to watch out for in the future. But for Ayden, I believe the EBV along with low Vitamin D3, damaged his immune system enough so that the CMV was able to proliferate more aggressively. I believe it is the CMV virus that specifically drove Ayden’s Medulloblastoma. Per my readings you will see that CMV is found in 92% of Medulloblastoma tumors. 99% in Glioblastoma Tumors, 100% in Neuroblastoma tumors, 90% in Breast Cancer, etc. Some will say, then if it’s found in only 92% of Medulloblastoma and not the other 8% it can’t be a key cause. Well, there are other viruses that drive cancer besides CMV. For Medulloblastoma, other viruses that do the same destruction as CMV that are also found in Medulloblastoma include the BK Virus, SV-40 Virus and the JC Virus. I believe they contribute to the other 8%.

      e) Brain Cancer spikes in kids and late adults. I believe that Ayden caught CMV when he was losing a tooth and the virus got through the blood brain barrier through his tooth nerve, thus why he ended up with Brain Cancer specifically. This is just my hypothesis, but it adds up and is a better explanation than anything else I have heard as a key driver of his specific problem. Again, it likely isn’t they only way it happens, but I believe it’s a main reason it happens. The same thing happens later in life when adult teeth start failing.

      Lower usage of carbs, focus on root causes of metabolism defects, driving more ketones into the body like from coconut oils and other Medium Chain Fats, avoiding trans fats, insuring therapeutic levels of Vitamin D3 50-60 NMOL or >, immune booster and anti-herpes supplements are all positive directions.


        Thank you Gary! Awesome info and I really appreciate your thorough response. I am an intense researcher on digestive health issues, so I get where you are coming from. I have been keeping Ayden and your family in my prayers. Best wishes!


    Wonderful article! I was wondering, since your son’s cancer is caused by a herpes virus, have you tried the anti-herpes diet of high lysine and low arginine? People with herpes take lysine, which prevents herpes growth, and avoid arginine, which herpes virus needs to replicate, in order to prevent break-outs. Lysine also activates p53, the body’s major cancer-fighter. I know someone with the same cancer and was wondering if this has been tried.


      I have added lysine to his diet, but haven’t focused on lowering arginine yet. I’ll do some further studies there. I give Ayden Melatonin every night in hope of Cox-2 reduction and raising of P53 among other benefits. If you have any compelling articles on low arginine, please list them here or send to Thanks for your response and glad you engaged with my hypothesis.


        Hi-I was wondering if lowering arginine was helpful to your son. Also, I’ve added a lot more to the website if you’re interested, including a powerpoint presentation that includes a slide showing how arginine feeds tumors. Wishing all the best!



        I’ll take some time to read over your site. Unfortunately have been buried and haven’t followed up. Thanks for the reminder.


    Great research. I do support you with your hypothesis and conclusions. My aunt passed away last year because of cancer. This triggered me to read A LOT about the disease. It occurred to me that if all diseases are caused by germs (viruses and bacteria), why would cancer be an exception? The more I read about it, the more I am convinced that all cancer are caused by a virus, not just 16% as medicine thinks. One interesting study that I read states that there is a co-relation between cancer and AIDS, meaning that if the immune system is compromised, chances are that the person will develop cancer. I was never convinced that cancer appears abruptly due to a sudden change in the genetics. Why such a change would happen? Only when I understood HOW viruses function, and the way the hijack the copying mechanism of the human cell that I could clearly see the connection between viruses and cancer. Of course, a cancer virus needs co-factors to be activated and flourish, such as smoking, exposure to chemicals or radiation, pollutants, or a very unhealthy diet that is deprived of nutrients leading to weak immunity system. And just like you, I don’t believe in the “cut, burn, or poison” protocols. Viruses can be fought off by adopting a healthy almost vegetation diet, with exception to fish, taking in anti-inflammatories, consuming antioxidants, making sure to have adequate vitamins in our bodies, specially Vitamin D and C.

    Thanks a lot for the article. I’m glad to see that someone else reached the same conclusions 🙂


      Along these lines, Dr. Seyfried from Boston College basically proved the key driver of cancer actually isn’t in genetics. What his team did was separate the nucleus of a cell from the cytoplasm. The nucleus having the genes that many researchers are focusing on as keys to solving cancer. Well, what Dr. Seyfried did was take a cancer cell nucleus out and placed it in a healthy cytoplasm. The cell either was normal/non-cancerous or died from the transfer. He then took healthy nucleuses out of cells and placed them in cancer cell cytoplasm. The cell became cancerous or died. So, cancer follows the cytoplasm where the mitochondria is located, not the genes that are considered the key causes of cancer. It at least causes pause to where the root driver of the cancer is and are we focusing on the right area of the cell. I always naively thought Mitochondria was basically the power plant in the body and around cancer, it’s the disfunction of the mitochondria causing fermentation that helps drive cancer. This truly appears to be so, but what I also learned is that the Mitochondria has a direct role in trying to fight off viruses! This also means that viruses target mitochondria to disable the attack. The open question I have is when a virus attacks the mitochondria, can the damage it cause help contribute to the damaging of traditional respiration and fall into fermentation.

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