Vitamin D – Disease Prevention

May 1, 2014 — 3 Comments

Vitamin D

Starting off, Vitamin D is not a Vitamin, long time ago mis-namer. It’s actually a Pro-Hormone – a precursor building block to hormones and it’s unbelievably important. It acts as a molecular switch activating at least 200 target genes in our bodies, thereby regulating gene expression. And many of these are the ON switches for our immune system! I only wish I knew then, what I know now.

Vitamin D is naturally created by our bodies from exposure from the Sun. Did you know we can make 5,000 and even up to 20,000 IU of Vitamin D naturally in as quick as 30 minutes under the right circumstances near the equator? Our bodies are amazing instruments, why would our bodies so efficiently create something if it wasn’t extremely important? And if you fail to get enough, are those 200 targeted genes it was suppose to regulate by turning them on or off really matter? Did you know that suntan lotion blocks Vitamin D production? So do clothes, glass in our cars and houses, etc. Did you know that much of the northern hemisphere has too low of a UV rating from the sun to trigger Vitamin D production in our bodies so even if you get a lot of sun, it’s position doesn’t tripper D production in our bodies efficiently? Bottom line, almost all of us are deficient or highly deficient in Vitamin D and even more so in the winter months. Vitamin D energizes our immune systems fighting off all kinds of ailments. We all commonly know there is a direct relationships to increased cold and flu breakouts in the winter months that can be directly traced to less sun exposure driving even lower Vitamin D rates in our bodies and thus turning down our immune system? You know, the winter cold or flu? Do you know researchers have done clinical trials where there was a 25:1 ratio of non-vitamin D to Vitamin D dosed people got sick in the winter months? Does this really matter, beyond getting a cold for a week? YES!!

Did you know, that the farther you get away from the equator the more cancer there is in the world in an proportionally increasing rate?

It is life or death for many people, we just did not know any better.
Florida gets a decent amount of UV Sun, but heavy suntan lotion use aids in deficient vitamin D levels, so people in Florida still have a high incidence of cancer. I’m not saying to stop using sun tan lotions, but technology advancements like suntan lotion is changing our environment and our bodies internal mechanisms have not adapted, in fact, they are breaking down.

Yes, I’m saying that low Vitamin D for many reasons contributes to cancer growth and we have allowed it by changing our life styles from hunting/gathering from the land in the past, use of technologies to block the sun, poor dietary choices and environmental contamination. Cancer growth from a lack of Vitamin D is not limited to my son Ayden’s Medullablastoma brain tumor, we are talking Prostate cancer, Breast cancer, and all other cancers.

Also there is clinical association with deficient Vitamin D to Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes, Stroke, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and many more diseases. While a lack of Vitamin D is not the direct cause of these diseases, the lack of vitamins D’s impact on the immune system leaves our bodies vulnerable to these diseases.
A study found people with < 50 on a Vitamin D3 test (50 ng/ml level on a25(OH)D vitamin D3 test) in their blood have a 30-50% increase risk of cancer? 50% increased risk of Breast and fatal Prostate cancer specifically? 40% increase risk for Multiple Sclerosis? Also research has shown that a lack of Vitamin D gives an overall 40% increase in dying earlier than average life expectancy.

A very recent report has found that besides energizing the immune system and helping maintain strong bones, Vitamin D3 has a direct cancer prevention and fighting property. Our bodies have genes in cells. Genes are biochemical programs that run and do things in our bodies. We have a few dozen genes that are considered Oncogenes. Oncogenes are genes that have been found to directly cause or contribute to cancer growth when they are utilized. Cancer turns these Oncogenes on and drives cancer. I have a well researched hypothesis on how / why these are getting turned on, but that is for another write-up. Now, some Oncogenes are found to run out of control “Unregulated” more often than others. One of these is called MYC or C-MYC. This oncogene is found running over and over again without any controls. When it does, it causes many of the “Hallmarks of Cancer” including: stopping cancer cell programmed death, causes cells to replicate very fast, causes blood vessels to grow into the tumor and drive an explosion of tumor growth and more. For my son Ayden this oncogene is highly over-expressed and that takes him from the average 70% survival rate of Medulloblastoma down to the 40% survival rate. I found this out after I forced our hospital to do genetic testing on Ayden’s tumor instead of looking in a microscope and just saying it’s Medulloblastoma. Well why is this story relevant to this topic. Well a very recent research report shows that Vitamin D3 down regulates or helps turn off C-MYC in the body. So as we have been giving Ayden D throughout his treatment, I am hope full that this has been a crucial piece of his treatment so far and hopefully long term to keep cancer away from my child. myc

When we started seeing symptoms of Ayden’s brain tumor before diagnosis our pediatrician ran blood work on Ayden. Out of his near 4 decades of experience, our pediatrician had never seen someone so low as Ayden at 17 ng/ml (his lowest count during chemo/radiation treatment has been a 14 ng/ml blood level measurement). Ayden really didn’t like milk, not that you can get enough anyways, guess we are good at sun tan lotion as well (as we should be for long duration sun exposure so you don’t burn), but this all adds up to poor odds in other more devastating areas we had no understanding about!

We have given Ayden Vitamin D3 throughout his 15 months of intense radiation and chemotherapy. We were told by his Oncologist not to give Ayden any supplements at all. After much debate, hand wringing, praying and researching, we gave Ayden Vitamin D3 through out his treatment. Only time will tell if it’s been the right long term decision.

Initially not knowing we were giving Ayden, Vitamin D3 during treatment, the doctors often stated that his surgical incisions healed much faster than they had seen before. He needed medication to boost his white blood count many weeks after most patients required them. And through these 15 months of treatment Ayden has had extremely low white blood cell counts due to treatment as expected, particularly his neutrophils that are the actual white blood cells that fight infection being at a 0 level rather consistently. Plus the radiation and chemo causing other damage, cellular trash build up from all the chemo and radiation cellular death from the treatment, etc.

Through all of this Ayden did not have ONE FEVER, ONE COLD, ONE FLU IN 33 MONTHS! Nor did he have one unscheduled trip to the hospital. We were told that this was extremely rare for a patient to look so good during treatment, stay relatively healthy and not fall ill from secondary infections and I have seen many kids that are unexeptedly hospitalized for infections throughout the treatment period and beyond.

We have not kept Ayden in a bubble, far from it. So clearly he has been exposed to many germs, his immune system was tested weekly and found extremely low or non-existent from a neutrophil count, yet he remained relatively healthy!

I attribute Ayden’s overall health during treatment to my wife’s outstanding focus on Ayden’s nutrition and to us giving him Vitamin D3 all this time.

Another point I will write about soon is that my theory on cancer is the tumor is just an acute symptom, not the cause of Ayden’s health issues. Today’s doctors are not treating cancers cause, just the symptom. Thus the cause is not only left unchecked by modern medicines policies, procedures and protocols, but actually leaves the body in a dramatically worse condition than before treatment, beyond the acute tumor removal.

This lack of focus on nutrition, detoxification and immunity building is a tragic missing hole in modern health care at most hospitals I am hearing about. Leaving treatment, so many secondary complications arise specifically from the treatment, further damaged immune system and tissues and unchecked viruses in the body opening up the patient for additional problems including secondary cancers, hypothyroidism, heart attacks, strokes, kidney failures, hearing loss, mental decline and unfortunately many more. So Vitamin D3 is one vital step to give your immune system the best chance to protect a damaged, but so worthy body worth healing to our best abilities.

Lack of Vitamin D does not give you cancer or these other diseases, but I feel to the bottom of my sole that with proper Vitamin D levels, our immune system can improve our chances of fighting off these diseases and helps repair damage to our bodies before the damage and lack of immunity enables secondary devastating infections  and diseases. Bottom line, todays society lacks Vitamin D at effective levels and this greatly increases our risk factors for acquiring and being unable to effectively fight off these diseases.

The positive news is this is one, if not the single most significant change you can make to our overall health and it’s easy to fix. Start you, your family, your friends researching Vitamin D. If you agree with me after doing your own research, get everyone you love to take it as well. I’m including 3 research papers on Vitamin D in a Dropbox link below. You should just be able to click on the link in your browser to view/download the PDF files.
The FDA Guidelines for Vitamin D is 400 IU a day. This level basically insures people won’t get Rickets or “soft bones”. I can’t explain the FDA’s decision when there is such compelling and mounting evidence that 400 IU is completely inadequate for our health. All I can say is read the research papers from respected institutions on what happens when our bodies do not receive enough of this naturally generated pro-hormone and thus our immune systems are not fully functioning.

Average people will likely find themselves between a 20 and 35 ng/ml with other dipping into the teens. From my research a true effective blood level for Vitamin D is > 50 < 60 ng/ml. If you are actively fighting a disease, around 70-90 ng/ml appears more effective (that is where we were with Ayden during his treatment period. Just to understand what that takes, we were giving Ayden 10,000 iu of Vitamin D3 daily. During his harshest chemotherapy, the therapy was also damaging his whole body including his GI tract causing mal-absorption issues. We found that he dropped considerably in D3 during this time. We switched to giving his does twice a day (to improve absorption) and increased to 15,000 IU for a period of time. Misty (my wife) takes 5,000 IU a day, I take 10,000 iu and our children are on 2,000-3,000 IU a day. Adding a probiotic we were able to get Ayden’s Vitamin D3 levels back on track and moved him back to 10,000 IU and that kept him in the 70-90s ng/ml range.

I backed him down to the 5,000 – 7,000 iu range now that he has exiting active treatment and other parts of his immune system have had a chance to recover. Everyone is different. If you have a high body fat index for example, you’ll likely need much more since the body seems to store it in fat for a rainy day. Some people don’t take probiotics during treatment plus have a year or two consistent anti-biotics and severely damage their GI track, perhaps permanently. This causes chronic malnutrition and other problems including not absorbing D well, so watch this and get blood tests to insure the person stays in the best active blood levels.

Vitamin D3 is very well tolerated in our bodies and in research I have found people who accidentally got millions of IU per day. That level will make you sick, but even they recovered. Bottom line, the levels I described are good starting guidelines. Then after a few months, get your family tested and adjust from there. The body stores Vitamin D3 in fat, so depending on your health level, you may need more Vitamin D3 to get your blood levels at the targeted ranges, how much you takes is less important, what stays in your body matters.

While there are a few portions of the research papers I have identified that get a bit technical, mostly they are understandable, if not a bit long. Skip over technical parts if you need, but there are very important lessons in here later on what happens when you do not take enough Vitamin D from pregnancy, infants on up (so stick with it).

Taking a multi-vitamin and drinking a lot of milk is not enough! I hear this a lot and that is another reason I am writing this (if you really think so, get tested now, then adjust). Unfortunately with today’s average kid or adult diet, we do not receive near enough Vitamin D from the sun and our diets combined.

Vitamin K2 and Magnesium supplement are great team players with vitamin D as well as moderation of Calcium. Vitamin D helps bond the calcium to the bones. Calcium makes your bones stronger as we have all heard, but Vitamin K2 directs Calcium to the bones instead of other places it shouldn’t be like our circulatory systems and other soft tissues. With this combination including Vitamin K2, woman can have stronger bones longer in life, all can have stronger teeth and protects the circulatory system and organs from over calcification (contributes to heart disease), and produces proteins that slow cell reproduction thus aiding in cancer prevention. Often you will see Calcium and Magnesium together. Calcium can make people constipated, Magnesium does the opposite so they can balance each.  Also a shortage of magnesium will not allow Calcium to bond properly with the bones either.

About 200 mcg or 200 micrograms has been written up as a potential does of K2-MK7 along with Vitamin D3.

There are two forms of Vitamin K2.  Mk-4 and Mk-7.  MK-4 stays in the body only for hours, so multiple doses a day may needed to maintain therapeutic levels in the blood.  MK-7 stays in the blood over a day, thus once a day appears to allow a therapeutic level continuously.

You can get a quick read or video overview of K2 here:

We are currently using a Vitamin D3 from LifeExtention (Vitamins D & K with Sea-Iodine).  It includes 5,000 IU of D3, 1000mcg of K2 from MK-4 and 100mcg from MK-7 as well as Sea-Iodine 1,000 mcg.

Best Wishes & Prayers!
Gary “Ayden’s Dad”

Additional Research Reading:

Vitamin D3 reseach at this dropbox:

My cancer research can be found

Ayden’s Place – My son’s page:


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    This is a great post. Something to have my wife read and absorb a bit. good job and thank you for the research.

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