Neuroblastoma driven by CMV Infection?

April 28, 2014 — 3 Comments

Viral Cancer I’ve written often about the fact that 99% of Glioblastoma and 92% of Medulloblastoma show active CMV infections  and show signs that CMV has hit and run certain tumor cells making genetic and epigenetic changes.  

Now researchers are testing Neuroblastoma for CMV and the latest research shows 100% of the tumors showed signs of CMV or cyclomegalovirus.  This continues to reinforce that brain cancers key consistent factor is the triggering of oncogenisis  is by a viral infection that over expresses oncogenes and disables key anti-oncogenes thus driving these devastating cancers and leads towards potential opportunities for new and less devastating treatment options including using anti-virals like Valcyte.


3 responses to Neuroblastoma driven by CMV Infection?


    Cancer remedy can also be essential simply because cancerous development in eyes can instigate cell abnormality in other regions like head and neck areas, blood cells, lymph nodes and so on. Cancer treatments are of various types and 1 should seek the advice of a physician before opting for 1.


    Youndo realize that neuroblastoma is not a brain cancer, right? Neuroblastoma is a cancer of the nervous syatem-it can spread to tge brain but it is not considered a brain cancer.


      Yes, I fully realize Neuroblastoma is not a brain cancer, neither is Prostate, Breast or Colon, yet CMV is in 90% + of each of these cancers as well. Please read further, then ask me questions once you have a bit more background.

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