The Genetic and Epigenetic Viral Tie to Cancer

April 27, 2014 — 7 Comments

Viral Cancer

Genes are biological chemical software routines that do specific tasks in our bodies. Oncogenes are genes that have been proven to contribute to the development and growth of cancer.  There are approx. 50 distinct Oncogenes known and some that are found often over expressed in Medulloblastoma are MYC , MYCN and TAG. MYC and MYCN alone cause many hallmarks of cancer. When these genes are ran, they accelerate DNA replication, they turn off programmed cell death in two ways, drives new blood vessels to the cell / tumor and more (footnote ***).

Anti-Oncogenes are genes with the ability to police Oncogenes and keep them from going out of control and causing cancer (The most common damaged Medulloblastoma Anti-oncogene is P53 also known as TP53. There are two copies of TP53 and both must be damaged for this gene to be silenced (footnotes * **). When cancer happens, a couple basic things happen:

1) Oncogenes get ran (or transcripted) when they shouldn’t and too often. Many different paths are used to trigger these Oncogenes depending on the cancer types. The first section of a gene is where the scheduler is located for when and why the gene should run. This area often gets reprogrammed in cancer. This change to the scheduler for a gene is called an Epigenic change. If the actual gene main code gets damaged, mutated or copied over, it’s a genetic change.

2) Anti-Oncogenes get silenced / mutated / copied over (Genetic defects) or reprogrammed so they can no longer control the now unregulated and over expressed Oncogenes and Cancer cells grow out of control (Epigenetic Defects)

3) Multiple and Consistent Defects: It appears to take both of these events for cancer to grow out of control with Genetic and Epigenetic manipulation.

4) The Human Genome includes complex biological building blocks to build every part of a human and have many checks and balances to insure it goes well for a long lifetime. Yet there are situations that cause Oncogenes to run uncontrolled and the police of Oncogenes (anti-oncogenes) to be silenced by many different and seemingly creative means.

It should be heavily noted that the human genome has approximately 20,000 genes, yet repeatedly with sub-types of cancers have somehow enabled the running of unregulated oncogenes aggressively and anti-oncogenes get silenced. It should also be clear that while the Anti-oncogenes patrol and control oncogenes, they are not located adjacent to each other, actually quite a distance away, yet the same over enabling of one and disabling of another happens consistently for specific cancer sub-types. Sometimes the gene is reprogrammed, sometimes it is copied over, sometimes it is mutated and damaged or mutated and made more aggressive. The unique ways these changes are made and the repeated way it happens specifically to the same critical locations around growth control and growth management is far beyond coincidence. Something is intentionally causing these genetic and epigenetic changes in the human genome. Understanding what would benefit from these changes gives us insight in to what is changing them, why and thus new targets to defeat this enemy from within.

When you take in the above knowledge, it makes you wonder, what defects can cause such specific damage to a living thing including humans. Does smoking cause one gene to be disabled and another in a different part of the genome get turned on really fast? How about chemo? how about eating poorly? Asbestos? The sun? or any number of other issues that are considered carcinogenic. Clearly they damage, clearly they make us weaker and more susceptible to injury and health decline, but do they cause these specific defects? This is a very key question. Because without asking this key question, we take for granted that they do and we stop looking for the likely real root cause, thus the real solutions.
So, if these carcinogens can’t be found to cause the real core cause of cancer, then what does.

This is where my hypothesis of viruses causing cancer comes in, i’ll list off general issues here because the specifics get messy and will confuse the issues, but I have backup for all the specifics:

a) Viruses consistently cut and paste genetic material in all living things including humans.

b) Herpes viruses including CMV, EBV, Varcella Zoster, Herpes Simplex Viruses, Roseolovirus, Kaposi’s Sarcoma associated herpes virus and the HPV, JC Virus, BK Virus, SV-40 Viruses many of them have been associated with Medulloblastoma or Cerebellum defects, or at minimum many head and neck cancers. CMV & JC Virus the most prominent Medulloblastoma associated viruses (92% and 60% respectively found in recent Medulloblastoma genetic tumor samples), while Varcella Zoster is known to cause all symptoms of PFS and HPV is known to cause many other Head and Neck Cancers. The right answer is to test our kids for all of these, but there just aren’t any test made to test all of these and some are extremely difficult to find when you do test. Again, these viruses are very good at hiding, growing, surviviing so even with all our knowledge we can’t always find them, can’t kill them since they setup life long infections and only know are we learning ways to slow them down.

c) These viruses all have tools to replicate inside human cells. How and what tools these viruses use to drive their replication is of extreme importance. Several of these viruses are known to over express Oncogenes including and specifically MYC & MYCN. Several of these genes have been found to copy genetic content onto Chromosome 17 damaging P53 anti-oncogene. Some of these viruses have been found to Epigenetically reprogram P53 and other Anti-Oncogenes to turn off. These viruses use these pathways to aid in their replication. If a virus takes over a host cell and over expresses that cell’s oncogens, that cell is going to stop dying and start replicating at a very fast and uncontrolled pace and it won’t die like it should making more viral controlled cells (very much like cancer). Viruses expressing Oncogenes have their infected host cells attempted to be silenced by Anti-oncogenes. This has been scientifically researched to happen and for these viruses to have the ability to silence these anti-oncogenes, again, just like cancer. In both these cases, it’s the same genes being manipulated. This goes beyond coincidence.

Important point, The viruses I have listed above are extremely prevalent in the human body. In a healthy individual with a fully functioning immune system, our bodies usually can fight off many viruses and clear them from our bodies quickly or within a year or so. Some of these viruses are just extremely tenacious and defeat our immune system, but go into a repeated pattern of hiding for a while, then going active, replicating, causing more damage, then going latent again. These ongoing attacks further weaken our bodies.

Some of these viruses have specialties. Some of them turn on MYC for example. Another will turn off P53 one way or another. If each virus takes on one task and accomplishes it in the same location, you have an unregulated cell that now will begin replicating without controls, can summon blood vessels to drive food to the cells and a tumor is created.

Cancer is very complicated, I have cut out many additional defects, complexities, but sorting the forests from the trees, Viruses are present, have the motive and the ability to cause cancer. It may take more than one virus to cause enough defects to set off the chain reaction of cancer. It may take a damaged immune system like a Vitamin D deficiency and/or a defected P53 or similar Anti-Oncogene genetic defect due to the child’s parents passing on previous viral damage or the egg being attacked by a virus before major replication begins, damage from carcinogens that weaken the cells of the bodies defenses from viral attacks so that they happen more often upping the odds for the virus to cause genetic and epigenetic defects to further its growth. Increases the viruses ability to drive Cox-2 inflammation across the body including the cancers tumor location, but also to our hearts, lungs, thyroids, kidneys, etc likely driving secondary failures that are pinned on cancer treatment (instead of on viruses taking advantage of all the damage from cancer treatment).

For those of you that have the beginning of belief that I may really be on to something, you ask, what do I do now? This has been the most vexing problem for me after the unraveling of this mystery and the challenges of documenting it.

First, our kids need a strong immune system. Oncologists on the whole don’t either believe or practice nutrition. Likely before, and for sure after treatment, our kids nutritional balance has been severely damaged. Higher a Oncology Nationalist like Nutrional Solutions ASAP is a great place to start: Either way, getting your Vitamin D from extremely low (likely) to therapeutic levels is essential. Keep in mind that Vitamin D3 has now been shown to turn down the Oncogene MYC! This is research from late last year. This is fantastic news. One possible warning. I gave Ayden Vitamin D3 all through chemo with many positive results. But, since Vitamin D3 down regulates MYC Oncogene within 24 hours of a dose, it turns down the growth of cancer if it’s being regulated by MYC. Since many of the chemo and radiation treatments count on killing fast replicating cells, it’s possible that Vitamin D is inadvertently protecting the cells by slowing down their replication. Something to consider during active treatment. Do you stop taking Vitamin D just before treatments and resume right after? I wish someone smarter than me would figure this out. All I can do is share what I find as I learn it.

There are many other supplements that can help boost the immune system that can be considered, some of I have researched and began utilizing include L-Lysine since it is made in the body, but not enough with our diets. It’s an amino acid that slows the replication of viruses. Milk Thistle, has been known to have some anti-cancer properties, but I focused on it’s ability to help repair and clean out the kidneys and liver so they process toxins out of the body faster reducing long term toxicity and less toxicity should equal a more healthy body. Probiotics since science is determining that much of our immune system seems to come from our GI tract and the chemo, radiation and a year and a half of anti-biotics destroys the flora in our bodies protecting our GI track, dramatically reduces our ability to break down food and pull out the nutrients, less nutrients and our kids get malnutrition further weakening them and finally, no protection for our GI tracks causes these problems to become long term problems, pain in the GI track, etc down a slippery slope of secondary problems.

Finally, once we know what viruses we are dealing with, there are some, not many, but some prescription anti-virals that can be taken by IV or by pill form. Monthly like a Valtrex or very strong Anti-viral IV versions like Valacyclovir. An interesting point is that trials are now happening using Valacyclovir (an anti-viral) to battle brain cancer (glioblastoma so far) with the ability do half the tumor size and double the life expectency of a Glioblastoma patient. Additional research has been done on Medulloblastoma samples in vitro (not yet in the human body) that uses methods to block epigenetic changes from triggering anti-oncogene silencing. So far the research has shown great promise by stopping Medulloblastoma growth and turning back on programmed cell death so the tumor starts dying and as a added benefit, the same treatment stops viral replication. This truly is a great direction in the treatment of cancer.

Backup for most of this is here:

I’m working on referencing the sources on the rest in the next week since I’ve got another presentation with my kids hospital research wing. The cool part is they actually asked for me to come in and present it to them. Clearly “Hell is Freezing Over”.

Gary “Ayden’s Dad”

Some footnotes worth understanding:

* – Unfortunately somehow it’s possible to be born with one of the TP53 Anti-oncogenes missing or damaged and this dramatically increases the chance for cancer during life by 25X. This defect is called Li-Fraumeni syndrome. Li–Fraumeni syndrome is characterized by:
• several kinds of cancer are involved;
• cancer often appears at a young age; and,
• cancer often appears several times throughout the life of an affected person.

** – Some of you will see on your genetics testing that Chromosome 17p has been damaged or copied over by 17q. Well 17p is where P53 Anti-oncogene is located. As stated earlier, P53 is the most mutated Tumor Suppressor Gene, not only in Medulloblastoma, but in all cancers, P53 is the most silenced gene. We are now learning, besides being damaged by rogue copy and paste errors, this area can also be reprogrammed to silence this extremely important area. Clearly there are forces at work trying to turn off this gene one way or another.

*** – MYC and other Oncogenes are also found inside many viruses. Some are copies of the genes in humans, some are mutated more aggressive forms. The v-MYC viral Oncogene for example can cause tumors to grow within days of entry into a host cell. This is not hypothesis, this is proven fact.


7 responses to The Genetic and Epigenetic Viral Tie to Cancer


    Very good research. God bless you for trying to help others


    Thank you for your research. My good friend Kristie Williams (Eli’s mom) linked to your site.


    So what can we do with this information to treat recurrent medulloblastoma now? My daughter has had a recurrence and resection 2 weeks ago. What can I do?


      First off, I am sorry you have to go through this again. I wish I had all the answers. Here is what I believe:

      As stated in my blogs, I believe that the 4 viruses, CMV, JC, BK and SV-40 are the key catalysts for Glioblastoma and Medulloblastoma as well as other cancers. When the virus is highly active in the tumor, the patient does not survive as long. When it’s a low status of infection, the patient lasts longer. So, focusing on the most like cause, CMV, taking anti-virals could slow down the infection and thus slow down the tumor. This is not a cure, but has been shown in Glioblastoma, a brain cancer that kill in 18-30 months (stratified by virus infection level), to have patients last up to 5 years. As science has not figured out a way to clear the body of these viruses, the current treatments could buy time until better treatment options are available. I will state that while recent researchers have found 92% of their tested tumors to be infected by CMV, all the trials have been on Glioblastoma since it attacks adults as well and kills so quickly. This drives faster and more testing than Medulloblastoma gets. But, based on the research, I believe and hope that Medulloblastoma will act accordingly.

      If this was black and white, we would not be having this conversation, your Oncologist would be acting on this information. Unfortunately, most oncologists I encounter have not been trained this in this way and thus have been unwilling to look much further into it. Many will do a blood test, show that it’s CMV negative (not to be unexpected) and then discount the theory. Unfortunately CMV is very stealthy and rarely shows up in blood tests until it’s a late stage infection. For example, Glioblastoma patients that were being monitored for CMV infection only showed the infection in their blood at the last stages of the disease, not prior.

      Valcyte is the drug that is beginning to be used on Glioblastoma patients to fight this CMV driven brain cancer. There are patients on the ABTA website that are actively using Valcyte and while early, their progress has shown collapse in the tumor. Again, too early to claim victory, but positive progress.

      In addition to Valcyte, here is what I do for my son that has Medulloblastoma, Group 3 with High MYC Overexpression. MYC Overexpression is the strongest prognostic value for a poor outcome in Medulloblastoma (Group C with High MYC is a 20% overall 5 year survival).

      Vitamin D3 turns down the Oncogene MYC. BTW, CMV turns it up. D3 not only turns down the Oncogene MYC, but also improves our immune system.

      I give Ayden Lysine every day as well. It is an amino acid known to slow down CMV and other virus replication.

      Cancer including Medulloblastoma drives chronic inflammation through Cox-2. I give Ayden Melatonin each night to drive down inflammation in his brain and thus reduce it’s damaging impact. Melatonin also has some ability to turn up P53. P53 is a tumor suppressor gene. P53 is often turned down by viruses because these Tumor Suppressor Genes also turn down viruses. So these Viruses have learned how to disable Tumor Suppressor genes and turn up Oncogenes since they drive benefits not only for cancer, but also viruses. BTW, the MYC gene I mentioned before can be traced back before humans existed and were transferred to humans by viruses. There are viruses that carry MYC with them today and have the ability to inject MYC into a host cell to enable it’s abilities.

      I also give Ayden Milk Thistle since it does similar things as Melatonin, but for the GI track and surrounding organs.

      I give Ayden AHCC, a medicinal mushroom mix daily to help his immune system, particular his NK cells.

      I also give Ayden Magnesium Theonate – It’s a Magnesium easily absorbed into the brain. It serves many positive purposes including helping cells function properly, increased memory, some level of lower inflammation and more.

      Coconut or MCT oil – Give this to Ayden daily as well. Drives alternative cellular powering by creating Ketones instead of Glucose and is a natural anti-viral as well.

      On this topic, you should seriously consider a Ketogenic Diet as well to have your child begin producing Ketones as a major power source in the cells instead of solely Glucose. Cancer feeds off of Glucose at least 20X more efficiently than non cancerous cells. So turning on Ketone production by putting the body into Ketosis, reduces Glucose production. Some hospitals are now beginning to offer it to their cancer patients. They already offer it for their Epilepsy patients. So it’s a known diet at all major hospitals, but taking time to understand is a strong weapon against cancer. There is a Facebook Group called Fierce Foodies. It’s a site for nutrition for cancer kids. The parents Audra and Justin are very knowledgeable on Ketogenic Diets, as their son Max is on one for his Glioblastoma and is doing quite well considering the diagnosis.

      I’m willing to go deeper into these subjects, but figured this is a start to answer your initial question. These are the things I am prepared to do if Ayden has a reoccurrence.

      Best wishes,

      Gary “Ayden’s Dad”

        Dr. Scott Burtis December 15, 2014 at 2:55 pm

        Just an FYI, the keto diet has been pushed for a long time for general cancers. It may not be appropriate for brain cancers. Neurons use a secondary transporter for glucose (GLUT3 instead of GLUT4) and they become very competitive in low sugar environments. So perhaps keto is not the best for neural cancers. (

        And during periods of low sugar they tend to grow less and migrate more. ( So be careful when suggesting and/or considering a keto diet for brain cancer.

        Dr. Scott Burtis


        Dr. Scott Burtis,

        I appreciate your comment and will further review the pubmed article you posted. I do have two children we know of that have inoperable brain cancer and with Keto, the disease has been “relatively stable” for several years. Since it’s Glio, the parents are aware that Keto isn’t a cure, but traditional protocols alone were not stopping or slowing the cancers. So, we may be both write, i’m not sure. It could slow by allow the cancer to try and migrate, but if it’s growing uncontrolled in an inoperable location, slowing the cancer seems better than the alternative. Your comments have also been forwarded on to some Keto experts. If I get anything back from them useful, I will add their comments here as well.

        HPV is now considered the cause of cervical cancer and soon anal, penile, vaginal and several mouth/throat cancers should be identified as well as caused by HPV. Vaccination for HPV, though not without some level of side effects allows for the prevention of some of these cancers by targeting the most malignant 9 sub-types of HPV. Management of carbs & glucose diets to me is another potential way to attack cancer (disabling it’s power source), or anti-angiogenesis, cut off it’s food supply, or chemo or radiation, blast it faster than it can recover. But all of these ways are just trying to trip up cancer, not identify the root cause and kill the root of cancer. To me, the way we are going to solve cancer is to understand it’s a side effect of a handful of viruses over time that are measured in 100 millions / billions of years old, versus humans 4 million years old in some form. So we were born with virus content in our genes (oncogenes and much more), then viruses use these oncogenes for their own propagation. But all of this genetic material left over for viral propagation is kindling. Then we get one to many viruses dismantling our immune system through many ways including damaging genetically and epigenetically our tumor suppressor genes. Then turning up oncogenes, and you create the cascade of failures that is cancer.

        We are now identifying in brain cancer certain CMV Virus proteins on the outside of cancer cells. With this knowledge we can create Immunotherapy that targets these proteins and turn finally teach our immune systems to see past CMV defenses and not only defeat CMV, but the cancer cells that are being hidden by CMV. This I believe will not only drive a cure for cancer, but many chronic illnesses that are driven by CMV and a handful of other highly pathogenic viruses including: HPV, CMV, SV-40, BK, JC, and Adenovirus.

        Thanks for your comments.

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