What does CMV have to do with Brain Cancer?

4 responses to What does CMV have to do with Brain Cancer?


    CMV is a very bad virus that is still not defined as oncogenic but it is definitely confirmed as oncomodulatory. I got it after pregnacy and breastfeeding. Feeling like a train passed over me. Still problems even after one year. Have never been the same again. Mainly discomfort in the abdomen, breasts, underarm, lymph nodes and from recently head! As a clinical pharmacist did a lot of research and have lots of articles for this bad virus. One prof. from NewZeland did a clinical study and proved a 90% occurrence of breast cancer in parous women that did seroconvert after pregnancy. I can send the articles if you want. I did listen your advice for vitamin D3 and please share more with me if you can. I pray to God for all of us,


      I’m sorry for your challenges from CMV. More I study this topic the more i’m getting convinced that one virus is bad and multiple viruses are worse. Each virus has it’s ways to replicate and defeat host defense mechanisms So some viruses begin overexpressing oncogenes (like CMV) via several different paths including epigenetic programming. Other viruses like SV-40 and others disable anti-oncogenes since they watch over viral and cancer over-expression. This would be a gene like P53. Possibly one of these viruses causes the virus to replicate well, but the wrong combination of viruses disable enough cellular safe guards and turn up replication and cancer ensues. Yes, please and any relevant material to me. Gary@garyandmisty.com

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