Anti-virals Cut Glioblastoma Tumors In Half and Extend Lifespan

December 15, 2012 — Leave a comment

Research into using the Anti-viral Valganciclovir in HCMV positive Glioblastoma (near 100% based on recent research).

Cut the tumor growth in half!

27% OS vs 6% at 4 years with standard protocol as well!

The unfortunate part is that Anti-virals while slowing replication of the cancer, can’t reprogram cells that already have been infected, just reduce the amount of new cells being infected and retard growth.  This still is incredibly important research because it teaches that this is a very effective therapeutic target to improve lifespan of those infected.  Shows this as an effective line of research and finally points to a stronger need for virus preventative measures to eliminate the potential for the initial infection.


HCMV infection was detected in 74 of 75 tumours (99%). In patients with low-grade HCMV infection, median survival was 20 months longer than in patients with high-grade infections (P=0.036, HR: 2.2), and TTP was 8 months longer (P=0.1, HR: 1.8). Two-year survival was much higher in patients with low-grade HCMV infection (63.6% vs. 17.2%, P=0.003).


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