iStock_000006391407XSmallMany factors contribute to Cancer, but the key catalyst (even the underlying engine) is one of many Viruses, particularly CMV, but also VZV, Epstein Barr as well as other Viruses SV-40, BK, JCV and HPV. Each cancer in our body has one to many viruses associated with it. Some key ones are HPV – Human Papilloma Virus causes Cervical, Anal, Mouth, Throat, Lung, Vaginal and Penile Cancers. Epstein Barr causes Lymphoma, JC Polyoma Virus causes Colon Cancer. Epstein Barr, HPV & CMV have all been associated with Breast Cancer, thus one reason for it’s prevalence. Now down to kids Cancer, Medulloblastoma Neuroblastoma and it’s 99% terminal twin cancer Glioblastoma. For these cancers its mainly CMV (Human Cytomegalovirus), though other viruses like SV-40, JC and BK are also capable and have been found in these tumors.

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Viral Cancer

Genes are biological chemical software routines that do specific tasks in our bodies. Oncogenes are genes that have been proven to contribute to the development and growth of cancer.  There are approx. 50 distinct Oncogenes known and some that are found often over expressed in Medulloblastoma are MYC , MYCN and TAG. MYC and MYCN alone cause many hallmarks of cancer. When these genes are ran, they accelerate DNA replication, they turn off programmed cell death in two ways, drives new blood vessels to the cell / tumor and more (footnote ***).

Anti-Oncogenes are genes with the ability to police Oncogenes and keep them from going out of control and causing cancer (The most common damaged Medulloblastoma Anti-oncogene is P53 also known as TP53. There are two copies of TP53 and both must be damaged for this gene to be silenced (footnotes * **). When cancer happens, a couple basic things happen:

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This is my latest research of my hypothesis that viruses cause cancer. This is in presentation form and I’ve also included the link to my key research backup for all that I can back-up from medical and scientific research. Appreciate your thoughts and considerations.

Gary Elsasser “Ayden’s Dad”

Viral Cancer Hypothesis Presentation

Research PDF

Viral Cancer Hypothesis Backup Research

“During the last years increasing evidence implies that human cytomegalovirus (CMV) can be attributed to human malignancies arising from numerous tissues. In this perspective, we will review and discuss the potential mechanisms through which CMV infection may contribute to brain tumors by affecting tumor cell initiation, progression and metastasis formation. Recent evidence also suggests that anti-CMV treatment results in impaired tumor growth of CMV positive xenografts in animal models and potentially increased survival in CMV positive glioblastoma patients. Based on these observations and the high tumor promoting capacity of this virus, the classical and novel antiviral therapies against CMV should be revisited as they may represent a great promise for halting tumor progression and lower cancer deaths.”

CMV In Human Brain Tumors – World Journal Experimental Medicine

Immunotherapy has been having some very hopeful trials by teaching our immune system to attack cancer.2014.05.29-Brain-Cancer-Destroyed-as-Collateral-Damage-From-Immune-Response-to-CMV-01-e1401426013212

There are now several trials where they are teaching the immune system to attack the CMV virus and thus leads the immune system to the cancer. This one is for Glioblastoma Brain Cancer.  This shows once again the correlations of cancer and viruses.

This is exciting research as it adds additional hope to fight cancer without today’s toxic, poor outcomes and long term damaging standard protocols.

Vitamin D

Starting off, Vitamin D is not a Vitamin, long time ago mis-namer. It’s actually a Steroid Pro-Hormone – a precursor building block to hormones and it’s unbelievably important. It acts as a molecular switch activating at least 200 target genes in our bodies, thereby regulating gene expression. And many of these are the ON switches for our immune system! I only wish I knew then, what I know now.

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Brain Tumor Breakthrough

April 29, 2014 — 2 Comments

It’s been over two and a half years since Ayden was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma and I started this research journey. Lots of dead ends trying to separate the wheat from the chaff. Then reading too many PubMed articles to imagine, I narrowed Ayden’s cancer to a CMV driven cancer. I finally am seeing others write-up this same conclusion. Finally the ball is gaining momentum and people are living longer due to this new course of treatment. Next up, move beyond Glioblastoma, and begin running clinical trials with Medulloblastoma, Neuroblastoma, Prostate, Lung and Breast cancer. Then we need to look at CMV and other opportunistic pathogens as drivers of late term effects of all cancer survivors.

Overview of CMV as a driver in Glioblastoma

Viral Cancer I’ve written often about the fact that 99% of Glioblastoma and 92% of Medulloblastoma show either active CMV infections for show signs that CMV has hit and run making genetic and epigenetic changes  to the tumor cells.  Now researchers are testing Neuroblastoma for CMV and the latest research shows 100% of the tumors showed signs of CMV or cyclomegalovirus.  This continues to reinforce that brain cancers key consistent factor is triggered by a viral infection that over expresses oncogenes and disables key anti-oncogenes thus driving these devastating cancers and leads towards opportunities for new and less devastating treatment options.